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Public holidays

eGlobal Central considers the public holidays listed below. Our office and warehouse will be closed both days. Order processing, general inquiries (including e-mails) and delivery of orders will be slightly delayed, usually no more than one business day.

If you need help quickly, please contact us by submitting your application and we will do our best to provide you with our limited response as soon as possible.

Public holidays 2019


Every Saturday and Sunday    
The first day of the new year January 1 Tuesday
The first day of the Chinese New Year February 5 Tuesday
The second day of the Chinese New Year February 6 Wednesday
The fourth day of the Chinese New Year February 7 Thursday
Ching Ming Festival April 5 Friday
Good Friday April 19 Friday
Holy Saturday April 20 Saturday
Easter Monday April 22 Monday
Labor Day May 1 Wednesday
Buddha's Birthday May 13 Monday
Tuen Ng Festival June 7 Friday
Day after Day. SAR Assumptions. Hong Kong 1st of July Monday
Day after the Autumn Festival September 14 Saturday
National Day October 1 Tuesday
Chung Yeung Festival October 7 Monday
Christmas December 25 Wednesday
Second day of Christmas December 26 Thursday



Our office is located at the following address:

Total Apex Services Room 4, Unit G,

9th Floor, Kwai Shing Industrial Building stage II, 

42-46 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT,




* Please note that the above head office address will not accept any return of goods

* Please note that this number is for administrative and marketing purposes only. No requests for information about our products or orders will be processed.

e-mail:  [email protected]


Ching Ming Festival